Slum Area Development


Initiatives in this area may include activities aimed at slum area development through, among others, the following initiatives

* Improve the quality of life of slum residents, including increase the standard of Health, Education and Community life.

* Sustainable improvements in the standards of Living, skill up gradation / increase potential income of people living in slums and reduce gender disparity, drug addiction etc.

* Capacity of local people and their institutions to engage with local authorities and other service providers for the sustainable provision of basic services.

* Scale-up the delivery of basic infrastructure services for safe water, sanitation, better and affordable housing, and waste removal through collaborative efforts with local people and municipal authorities.

* Income-generation activities

* Supplementary education to the school going and dropout children’s,
nutritious food to the malnourished children’s, medical advice from general
physician, medical services, immunization concept to the mothers, and vocational
training to the adult women.


Economically Weaker Sections / SC / Tribes / Traditional Artisans /SMEs/ SHGs / PwDs