Education & Special Education


Creative Learning Education Centre:  Improves Learning outcome.

* Setting up of an endowment fund for granting scholarship to
deserving students from marginalized sections of the society

Interventions aimed at promoting education for children, especially for the
girl child and thereby arresting drop-out rates

Infrastructure for schools, colleges, etc., particularly for the differently
abled and disadvantaged sections of society

Distribution of IT hardware to rural training centres, schools including those
for the differently abled persons, especially visually impaired

Providing financial assistance for mid-day / supplementary meal facilities in

Supporting computer literacy by promoting IT education in schools/ village
community centres, through establishing Smart Classes

Organizing literacy camps

* Rehabilitation of / providing infrastructure and other support
facilities to Schools ‘and Hostels (including for the differently abled),
particularly in rural areas;


SC / ST/ Slum / PwDs/EWS area School Students