Art And Culture


aimed at Preservation and protection of national heritage, art and culture,
including restoration of buildings, sites of historical importance and works of
Art; setting up public libraries; promotion and development of traditional arts
and handicrafts


* Excellence of Indian Languages & Pride of Indian Art, Culture Workshops

* Promotion of artisans, craftsman, musicians,
artists etc. for preservation of heritage, art and culture

* Need for the promotion of art, artisans, craft and craftsmen,
particularly the not so popular ones and those likely to fade away with time.

* Focus on the local craftsmen or the people belonging to the
tribal belts, as far as possible near our work centres.

a source of income based on their art / craft products* Need to repackage and redesign the promotional campaigns for the artisans and craftsmen.

* To help set up small scale production facility or providing the financial help to groups approaching to promote the local crafts.

* To help artisans and craftsmen is to provide market linkage and demand for them to have.